Work as a call center specialist at home
with knowledge of the Estonian language
Vacancy "Call center specialist"
  • Work at home, in comfort, and without going to the office
  • Only real orders and without any search of clients!
  • Weekly payment
  • Bonuses per week for the result of work, without any restrictions on the amount
  • No special education? - not a problem, we will teach everything you need
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  • Work at home
    No dress code and don't waste time on the way to the office, and spend more time for the family. Work is done in a convenient CRM and we ourselves pay for all expenses for all calls.
  • Only real orders and without any search of clients!
    Our clients make orders on our web-sites and you do not need to look for anyone . This vacancy involves training for new employees, so you do not have to blush for lack of knowledge.
  • Weekly payment
    We consistently pay salaries every week in a way that is convenient for you. An advantageous bonus system - the amount of compensation depends on the result and quality of your work.
  • Counseling
    Confirmation clients orders by phone
    incoming orders from customers, who leave it on our sites
  • Filling out a questionnaire
    Complete customer orders
    Entering order data into the system using a convenient CRM
  • Active sales by phone
    customers by the company's products
  • You are not looking for new customers
    You are not looking for new customers
    Only customers who have already left us an application
  • Well-speaking Estonian, and English is the second language
  • Fast Internet (checked by interview)
  • Headphones with microphone for making calls
  • Full 5 working days at week, lunch break 1 hour
  • Active life position, desire to work and earn in sales
  • Communication on Internet telephony
    Communication with the client is carried out with the help of Internet telephony . Costs for making calls are paid by the company
  • Decent payment
    A full-fledged, dignified work
  • Making requests in the browser
    Registration of applications from customers takes place in a regular web browser in a special convenient CRM-system
  • Work remote
    It saves you time and money on the way to the office and allows you to work in a comfortable atmosphere for you
This work is suitable for you, if ...
  • You are looking for a job and want and earn directly from home, without having to visit the office and meet with customers
  • You are ready to work as a call center specialist: make calls to customers through the Internet. This will require high-speed Internet, a microphone and a quiet place so that no noise interferes with your conversation
  • You have an active life position, a desire to work and earn in sales
Are you ready to get a stable job?
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Frequently asked Questions
  • How does the work pay?
  • I expected to find a full-time job at home. Is it a full-fledged work? How can work at home be full?
  • Is there a set of text in this work at home? How fast should you be able to print?
  • I am looking for a work at home due to illness or disability. Will this vacancy suit me?
  • Are there any feedback on your work at home?
Feedback from our staff
about working in our call center
Elina Kublačova
Home call center specialist
Has earned 836 euros
The work is excellent, you do not have to spend money on the road, besides, I gradually realize my plans, because the call center gives an opportunity to earn excellent money! I am very grateful to you that you are!
Kristaps Kiļups
Home call center specialist
Has earned 859 euros
The work is like, at the moment the main one and brings a stable income. After the training all at once it became clear and now you can work at your pleasure without leaving their home.

Work in the call center

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